Yacine Khelladi

Economist, international consultant,
project design, implementation, management and evaluation.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT4D), Social and Human Development, ICT National Policies and Strategies, Innovation Networks, Access to Knowledge, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Telecentres, Culture, Organizational Development, Open Data, Identity and Community Empowerment, Ecotourism, Knowledge Management, Networking, Sustainable and Community Tourism, E-commerce, ICT and e-business services for Small and Medium Enterprises, Multilingual consultations, civic communities and NGO particiaption/engagement, event organization and facilitation (perfectly fluent in EN ES FR), Haiti and Dominican Republic trans border issues, ICT's in the Caribbean, etc.

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Permanent activities

 Currently Executive Director of  Fundación Taigüey  a Dominican NGO that runs projects as:

La Cienaga Community "digital inclusion" technology telecentre called Guanaba.Net

Caribbean Telecentre Alliance ACT!ivate projet

Community Eco-Tourism in La Cienaga

La Cienaga agroprocesing Women's Cooperative

Carisnet: Caribbean ICT stakeholders Networking support project, and the Caribbean ICT Virtual Community (CIVIC) moderation.

Bohio: virtual platform to promote Dominican Haitian civil society dialogue

Kiskeya Alternative Destination - on electronic commerce and sustainable tourism

CACT-Dominicanos (telecentros)

Telecentres Haiti / HaitianTelecentres (French / Creole)

Other Virtual communities / networks moderation-animation:

Owner-Manager of a small Organic Farm  EL TIZNAO, south coast of the Dominican Republic (since July 2003)

Past institutional memberships

- 1996- 12/2002: Co founder and Project Manager for
Kalalú (Afro Caribbean Performing Arts Research and Training Lab )

- 1997-2000  member & co-founder of  Fundación Cultural Bayahonda: (Identity, culture & development in Dominican Rep.)

Founding member of the  Somos@Telecentros the "Latin American and Caribbean Community Telecentres Network"  and project board comittee member (1999-2001)

- Member and project officer of FUNREDES(1994-1998)


Consulting update

  = ongoing
  •  For the Web Foundation - Digital inclusion team: Regional Coordinator ILatin America and The Caribbean) for the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI). Research, advocacy and organizing national coalitions to promote the ICT policies and regulatory reforms that will enable achieving the UN Broadband Commission Affordability goals. Part time position since June 2014.
  • For LACNIC Field research on young women and IT professionals for the AYITIC project that seeks to increase young women's access to employment in Haiti by building digital capacities in the field of data managment and Information Technology. October-November 2017
  • For the Caribbean Open Institute : Development and implementation of Outcome Mapping framework to monitor and evaluate COI intervention in the AYITIC project Sept 2017 - Feb 2018s
  • For the Worldbank - Support the development of a pilot on Open Data and Open contracting to support governance and transparency pilot with Government of Haiti and updating country diagnostic to support the design of a Telecommunications and ICT strategic plan . June-July 2017
  • Team leader, for the programming of the 11th EDF envelope for the Wallis and Futuna Overseas Territory, base on the digital development strategy. Mission d' Assistance technique pour la programmation de l'enveloppe territoriale du 11ème FED à Wallis et Futuna" Ref EuropeAid/132633/C/SER. For the European Comission, July-november 2016.
  • Teal leader, final evaluation of the PITDD program (2006-2014) that supported the National GIS center of Haiti - Chef de la "Mission d'évaluation finale du Programme d'Informations Territoriales pour le Développement Durable – PITDD Haïti" Ref. 2015/357046/1 FWC– LOT 3. for the European Commission, May-November 2015.
  • Team leader for the "Design of the Implementation Strategy and Action Plan for a Knowledge Management System for Barbados” in the framework of the Human Ressources Development Strategy. Hired by ACE consultants for the European Commission. FWC- Lot 9 2014/347-364. October 2014-May 2015.
  • Judge for the Agrihack Talent Caribbean. Its main objective is to support the development of ICT innovations and entrepreneurship in agriculture by young people. Organised by the CTA, CARDI and other tech hubs. http://hackathon.ict4ag.org/ October 2014.
  • Mission to assess the feasibility of a “Emergent Sustainable City” hackaton in Santiago de los Caballeros, second city of the Dominican Republic. Review of the capacities, needs and data bases systems of several public and private organisations, related to city management, local and central government. Sustainable Emergent cities programme of IDB. August 2014.
  •  Research: Open Data in Education projects in Mexico and Brasil "Early Outcomes and lesson leaned" after one year of implementation. (using Outcome Mapping Methodology) . For the ILDA initiative November 2014- March 2015.
  •  For the Caribbean Open InstituteSector scoping studies. Education and Open data readiness in 5 Caribbean countries. November 2014- March 2015.
  • Support and train the CKLN members NRENS and user on Knowledge management, portal and content management, communities of practice, and other research oriented ICT application and services on the Caribnet portal. Set up multilayer regional user support systems for researchers. March - September 2014.
  • Develop the education Baseline Survey and setting up the monitoring system for performance indicators on the education provided to 310,000 Afghan Refugees in Iran, liaising with Iran's with Ministry of Interior Refugee organisation, Iran Ministry of Education, UNICEF and UNHCR. Hired by FHI360 for the UN High Commission on Refugees. November 2013
  • Team Leader for the Technical Assistance project to support the development of a knowledge management framework and related services for the Caribbean Knowledge and Learning Network - CKLN. Ref ACP CONNECT 2012/305814. Implemented by ASTEC Global Consultancy Ltd. for the European Commission. March-August 2013
  • Coordinating the Ideathon and Hackaton "Developing the Caribbean" #devca2013 in the Dominican Republic.: Open Data for Education apps competition. For Fundación Taiguey, Caribbean Open Institute, support from IDRC and many government institutions as Oficina Nacional de Estadística (ONE), el Ministerio de Educación (MINERD) y la OPTIC (Oficina Presidencial de TIC), la Dirección General de Ética e Integridad Gubernamental (DGEIG), and the Iniciativa Dominicana por una Educación de Calidad (IDEC)
  • Team Leader for the project "Strengthening the capacity of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) and its member states for information and knowledge sharing on sustainable management of fisheries in the Caribbean region" for the European Commission programme ACP Fish II. Belize, Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados. October 2012 - March 2013
  • Conduction of a education Baseline Survey in refugee Saharawi camps in the Algerian Sahara desert- setting up the monitoring, capcity building and follow up with local implementing partners using tablets and online databases. Hired by FHI360 for the UN High Commission on Refugees UNHCR. December 2012
  • For the CEPAL / UN-ECLAC OD4D – Open Data for Development project.: Research to identify the potential of open data to better the quality of public education in Dominican Republic, engage authorities and other stakeholders, and prepare a roadmap to implement a Open data policy, within ministry Domincian Republic Ministry of Education
  •  Facilitating participative assessment and strategic planning of the Caribbean Open Institute. Areas included are Open data, Open Government Data, web 2.0 research communications and innovative evaluation methodologies. October 2012 - June 2013
  •  Phase 3 of the pilot projects using innovative mobile technologies to enhance governance and citizens participation in participatory budgeting process in municipalities. Articulating the intervention of all (local and national) government, NSAs and technological partners. For the World Bank Institute (WBI) ICT4Gov Program Dominican Republic. September-december 2012
  •  Research/evaluation on the implementation of 4 rural development/telecentre based ICT projects and organisation of a regional seminar on "lessons learned, and up scaling perspectives". For Fundación Taiguey and European Commission CTA : ACP EU centre for technical cooperation in agriculture. August-Octobre 2012
  •  Participatory planning and capacity building in 6 vulnerable rural communities to insert the use of information and communication tools (ICTs) for agricultural risk mitigation plans. for the (FAO) Food and Agriculture Organization. Dominican Republic. June 2012 April 2013.
  • Capacity Building to Caribbean Intermediary Business Organisations for the strategic use of the COM4DEV platform for Knowledge Sharing and Transfer – for the European Commission / Centre for Development of the enterprise Caribbean Regional. May 2012
  • Review of application and fact cheeking application of national project preselected for the ITLA international award to be awarded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The prize (one million dollar in cash) was finally awarded to this projetc, the CTC (centros tecnologicos comunitarios) of the Dominican Republic. April 2012 .
  • Coordinating the Dominican Rep part of the regional project “Developing the Caribbean which included (1) seminar to sensitize public decision makers about Open Data and Open Government and (2) contest “code sprint” for young developers team on Open data applications . January February 2012 .

  • Designed a strategy for decentralized e-delivery of government services to reduce disparities in access to information and services among rural communities in Suriname through the use of ICTs. For the UNDP and Ministry of Transport Communications and Tourism of Suriname. Novembre-Decembre 2011
  • Team Leader and Capacity Building Expert for the Project "Capacity Building for ACP Intermediary Organisations using COM4DEV for Knowledge Sharing and Transfer – ACP/6387". Includes Train the trainers workshops in Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon, Congo, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia, Dominican Republic, Barbados and Fiji. Implemented by SOGES S.p.a, for DEVCO/European Commission and the PRO€INVEST program of the Centre for the Development of the Enterprise (CDE). June-September 2011
  • Coordinating field implementation of pilot project to enhance citizens engagement with the Participatory Budgeting processes in 2 municipalities of the Dominican Republic, using Mobile SMS and web based Crowd-mapping/crowd-sourcing applications, trainers training at the federation of municipalities (FEDOMU), design and setting up municipal PB information systems. For the World Bank ICT4Governance program March-June 2011
  • Set-up of the Caribbean Private Sector Observatory on the COM4DEV community/platform for Intermediary Organization (IOs) and Business Support Organizations (BSOs). Knowledge Management, Information Processes, Add-value Services design, Networking, Training and mentoring of stakeholders. Hired by SOGEROM for the PROINVEST program, funded by the European Commission. Decembre 2010-March 2011
  • Creation and launch of the Caribbean Open Forum that will support information exchange and knowledge building between Caribbean stakeholders in the 3 areas of "Open Data", "Outcome Mapping for Monitoring & Evaluation (OMM)" and "Communicating research for more effective policy making “impact 2.0”). It hosts networking and promotes regional collaborative initiatives, towards building the Caribbean Open Institute. Contracted by the IDRC-Canada Decembre 2010-March 2011
  • Institutional Capacity Assessment (ICA) of 26 Caribbean Organisations, agencies porposed for implementation under the EPA Implementation and Social Development Project Identification Project Fiches of the 10th EDF Regional Indicative Program for CARIFORUM/CARICOM Hired by Safege/IDC/Artemis consortium framework contractors for European Commission (Guyana). Field mission in Guyana, Barbados, Dominican Rep., Haiti, Belize and Trinidad and Tobago. September-Decembre 2010
  • Field assessment and design of a project to use ICT (including community radios and cell/mobile based applications) to support small farmers to better the commercialisation of crops in the central border between Haiti and Dominican Republic (Bánica, Pedro Santana, Cerca-la-Source, Thomassique), hired by GFA consulting for GTZ Artibonite Binational Project August 2010
  • Organisational development and strategic planning for the creation of the Association of Arab Research Networks partner of the EUMEDCONNECT regional research networking project. Organizing and facilitating the strategic planning Workshops (Cairo Jan. 2010, Brussels March 2010, Algiers July 2010, Rome Nov 10, 2010, and ASREN launch event Cairo Dec 8th 2010c) and working group coordination to ensure creation of the new ASREN consortium. For the European Commission EUMEDCONNECT2 project managed by DANTE - January–Decebre 2010
  • Design and set up of a project to create the Algerian Community Technology Centers Academy: a training center for public and private community ICT access centers trainers facilitators and managers. For the Ministry of ICT / Algerian Government. March–Decembre 2010
  • Strengthening of the capacity of the Nature Guides Association of the border town of Pedernales, design of binational (Haiti-Dominican Rep) agro-eco-tourism products. Hired by PADF (Pan American Development Foundation) under a IDB/FOMIN project fund to support grassroots organisation AGUINAPE. October 2009 - January 2010
  • Support the establishment of a community ICT access enter in Port au Prince, Haiti, capacity building of the local NGO team. For the International Telecommunications Union ITU. July 2010
  • Team leader for the "Boosting ICTs in the Dominican Republic" project, Support to the local Chamber of Commerce, to build roadmap's and agendas ICT sector competitiveness, including public-private partnerships and building national and Caribbean ICT private sector organizations. Coordination of the organization of an international event. A project supported by BizClim, a joint initiative of the ACP Group of States and the European Commission under the 9th EDF. April-June 2009
  • Coordinating Taigüey's multimedia content development for youth at risk project, funded by UNESCOAugust 2009-January 2010
  • For UNDP Egypt: preparation of a project proposal and 2 concepts notes on e-waste management; e-government services outreach through mobile and IT clubs, and a partnership project with spanish NGO Esplai to set up the national telecentre academy. Field mission in Egypt. December 2008 - January 2009
  • Assessment of the ICT business sector in Rwanda to input the feasibility of Loans Guarantee mechanism. that will be set by the USAID with the local private banks. Evaluated sector and company profiles, financial needs, borrowing history and capacity, market opportunities and constraints. Hired by Chemonics International / Crimson Capital consortium for the USAID. Field mission in Rwanda, June 2008
  • Assessing the level of ICT based decision making in public and private business organisations, and delivering workshops and one-on-one meetings informing decision makers about state-of-the-art Information Systems as management decision support tools. In St Kitts and Nevis, 3 short missions, for the European Commission funded ITTMP project, February- to May 2008
  • Feasibility study and design of the ICTech programme to support rural SMEs via Telecentre networks, to be launched in the Islamic Development Bank Member Countries. Design of the ICTech 2nd generation telecentre support mechanism. Field missions in Egypt, Uganda, and Malaysia, October 2007 - July 2008
  • Project Coordinator, Caribbean Information Society Networking support project phase 2 (CarISnet-2), for the Fundación Taigüey, Caribbean - Mar. 2008-May 2009
  • Team leader for the Identification and formulation of the next Regional Information Society Programme in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Priority areas: IS policy and dialogue, Electronic communication regulations, R&D in ICTS, Research and innovation networks, E-content convergence. Working for IBM global services for the European Commission. Field mission in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Jordan. September-January 2007.
  • Design of the methodology and implementation plan - tender dossier "E-Business incubator project" (EU SFA 05 funds) in St Vincent and the Grenadines. For Ikesol/Integration consulting company. August 2007.
  • Support to the Madintech/Novatech regional ICT event (Martinique, June 1007) organization, in particular in screening Caribbean ICT companies candidates for CDE support, facilitating B2B business contacts and guest speaker at the opening event ("Building the Caribbean ICT industry: Elements from and for a regional perspective"). On behalf of CDE. Martinique June 2007
  • Field support for design and start up of the "Employment Capacity Building Initiative for At-Risk Youth in the Countries of the OECS" (), to support/develop ICT training programs in partnership with local organisations. For the POETA program of the Trust of the Americas of the Organizations of American States OEA/ OAS Field mission in Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia - April/May 07
  • Research Analyst Monograph research: indicators of the collective access to ICTs, public Telecentres review, for the Dominican Rep National Statistics Office Jan-October 2007
  • Technical assistance for feasibility study and drafting of financial proposal: “Use of Information and Communication Technology for Improving Education, Diversification and Competitiveness (ICT4EDC) in St. Kitts and Nevis” Main expert. European Commission EDF funding / IBF consortium / Baa consultores. (May-September 2006).
  • General Coordination and organisation of the first Caribbean Community Telecentres Workshop. Santo Domingo July 20-22, 2006 (for Fund. Taiguey) and follow task force for the design of a regional project (June-August 06)
  • Coordinator to set up of a task force of ICT intermediary organisations (chambers of commerce, investment promotion, professional associations) in the Caribbean region . (PWC- For Pro€invest/CDE) January 2006
  • Senior Regional Coordinator for the Caribbean Novatech2005 project for promoting investment in the ICT sector in the Caribbean". Includes regional sectoral studies, investment opportunities identification and proposal development, and a regional partnership meeting.  Implemented by a PriceWaterhouseCoopers-France led consortium, for Pro-invest/CDE and funded by the European Commission.  (March-November 2006)
  • CarISnet Project Coordinator : Caribbean Information Society Networking support project. (for Fund. Taiguey).2004-2007

  • BOHIO Project Coordinator : virtual platform to establish a dialogue between Dominican and Haitian Civil society organisations and development agencies. (for Fund. Taiguey). 2004-2007.

  • “Feasibility Study for the implementation of the CARICOM / CARIFORUM Action Plan to support regional integration (CSME)  under Caribbean Regional Indicative Programme " funded by the European Commission and awarded to WM Global Partners-ECF S.p.A.  Organisational Development Expert - Nov-04/Feb-05.
  • "Lessons learned" study of the UNDP/PPS project to support the ecotourism community project of "Sonido del Yaque -  Los Calabazos" in Jarabacoa province of the Dominican Republic. October-04
  • ICT4D / IS Expert Feasibility Study for an ICT Program for ACP Countries. Trigrammic CC -South Africa) EUROPEAN COMMISSION Aug-Sept. 04
  •  "Feasibility study: the future of the ICT regulatory and institutional framework and establishment and development of the Information Society in the Caribbean". ICT expert and Team Leader - Contracted by Schlumberger Sema/ Eurostrategies for the European Commision. March/June 2004
  • Community Outreach Specialist of the PADECO (Japan.) / AED (USA) team - Technical assistance to the Government of Jamaica for the IDB funded ICT project. , Kingston, Jamaica, July 29th - October, 28th  2003.
  • Diagnostic and Design of Community Ecotourism Development Plan for the Lakes Area - For the bi-national "Transborder Environmental Program" (Programme Environnemental Transfrontalier  / Programa Medioambiental Transfronterizo): - on both sides of the Dominican-Haitian border, a project implemented by The Ministry of Agriculture of Haiti and the Ministry of Environment of the Dominican Republic, with the support of the European Union - Caribbean Environmental Program. (March-August 2003) 
  • Assessing Dominican Republic public ICT policies social impact, For the Latin American ICT Observatory (OLISTICA) project of Funredes- June- December 2002 
  • Advisor and researcher for a regional pilot project on ICT (information and communication technologies) in non formal and formal education in rural areas “Navegantes” coordinated by Raices Magicas (Colombia) and founded by IDRC ; ( January 2002 Dec 2003) http://yacine.net/pub/raices-magicas
  • Coordinating Kalalu's integral intervention in Los Mercedes (Dominican Rep.), a  poor rural community : including community informatics program for youth and  women, environment preservation and organic agriculture, education and literacy  program, identity and cultural expression workshop (facilitator for web workshop).  (June 2001 - Dec ember 2002) 
  • Project promotion and participatory design of the BOHIO Project: Information  System and Virtual Community for the Dominican and Haitian civil society and  development organizations cooperation (http://funredes.org/bohio)  with Kalalú,  Funredes, and Graph. (2001-2002) 
  • Training workshop: Information Technologies for Alternative Communication and Community Radios, with SAKS, Port au Prince Haiti. February 2001: 
  • Coordination and implementation of several projects for Fundación Cultural Bayahonda and Kalalú-Danza, in the culture, identity & development area, including, community work (animation and education), cultural activities, research programs,  events organization, etc.  (1996-2001), Facilitator of community workshops using the Web and ICTs for cultural identity and social creativity as for Batey 6 and Los Mercedes
  • Presentation of research findings  at the Algerian Economic Reform and State Participation "ICTs for privatization promotion and foreign investment attraction". See summary here (January 2001):
  • Launching and moderation of "SALSA" multilingual forum on cultural issues in the Caribbean . Moderator  Since May 2000: 
  • As an external consultant for the Networks and Development Foundation (FUNREDES) work on several  projects as "Social Impact of Information Technologies in Latin America –(Mistica)" "Caribbean Integration Through Information Technologies (Caritic)", "Caribbean Culture Network (SALSA)"; December 1998, April and December 1999 - February 2000 - May 2000 
  • In Haiti: Consultant for the Haitian  Research and  Development Network (May 1998- Feb. 1999)
    • End user training & support organization;
    • content development and network animation;
    • local staff training;
    • Information Technologies applications for development projects with NGOs.
    • special projects TIC application to developmental tasks
  • Consultant for KLZ consulting firm (Algeria/Spain) - Sept. 1997- February 1998
    • Research: The State of the Art in Finance and Investment applications on the Internet
    • Project design: Foreign Investment attraction and privatization promotion through the Internet (confidential documents) 
    See Executive Summary here
  • Research coordinator: Creativity in Santo Domingo Carnival  (for Kalalú-DanzaFeb. / March 1998: 
  • Executive production staff for the Bayahonda Cultural Foundation  of the 1st Festival for the Island (Dominican Rep / Haiti 25-29 March 1998) 
    and 5th "Artistas por el Gaga

for activities prior to this date (and they're few!) please ask for my full CV

Events and conferences
(not frequently updated)

  • November 26-28, 2008 in Montevideo, Uruguay .Participant at the workshop IDRC CEA/ICA All-Partners' Meeting, Presented CarISnet org 2.0 video:
  • November 24th 2008Barbados Speaker at the 1st CARIFORUM/EU Business Forum, (presented building the Caribbean ICT sector)
  • November 14th 2008, Santo domingo, Organized the "Dialogue and collaboration venues for construction of the Caribbean Information Society " at UNIBE university and presented "CIVIC and org 2.0 before the web 2.0"
  • Organizer of the CIVIC 2.0 event, CarISneT Consortium, Juan Dolio Dominican Republic, November 2008 12-15
  • Dakar Senegal: September 26-30 2008, participant in the Gender and Agriculture/Rural Development in the Information Society (GenARDIS) workshop, Organized by APC women network, IDRC and CTA.
  • Barcelona, Spain, 22-24 september, participant in the global telecentres academy workshop, organized by by Foundation Esplai.
  • Port au Prince Haiti, 29-30 May 2008, ICT for regional integration and development : 1er Sommet des APPLICATIONS des NTIC au service du développement de la région Caribéenne, organized by the State University of Haiti (Faculté des Sciences de l’UEH)
  • Lima, Peru, March 2008, workshop for the telecentres operators helpdesk, organized by CEPES.
  • Kinsgton, Jamaica, March 2008, speaker at the Jamaica Community Multimedia Centre Conference organized by MEMT/UNESCO/ICT4D Jamaica
  • Kuala Lumpur, Maysia, Dec 2007, particpant in the Global Knowledge 3 evant and the Telcentre Leaders Forum.
  • Martinique June 2007 Madintech/Novatech regional ICT event guest speaker at the opening event ("Building the Caribbean ICT industry: Elements from and for a regional perspective"). On behalf of CDE.
(missing few here)



  • 5-7 December 05. Participant and speaker..CARDICIS. Presented the Mapping regional ICT project in the Caribbean. Juan Dolio Domincan Republic.
  • 29-30 Nov 2005. Participant. Regional ICT4D consultation Consulta Regional de Expertos en TIC y Desarrollo del Programa Pan Américas del CIID (IDRC/PAN/ICA). Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • 25-27 October 2005. Senior Regional Coordinator. Novatech2005 Investment conference "promoting investment in the ICT sector in the Caribbean". Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • July-Septembre 2005. Main Facilitator. One day workshops with ICT companies and entreprises in preparation of Novatech2005. in:
          • Surinam (with KKF the local Chamber of Commerce)
          • Guyana (with the investement promotion agency Go-Invest)
          • Domincan Republic (with 4 ministries and many intermediary organisations)
          • Haiti (with the Haitian ICT entreprise Association AHTIC)
  • Dec 04 - Main Facilitator first bonational BOHIO meeting between Dominican and Haitian Civil society organisations and development agencies. (for Fund. Taiguey) Barahona

(missing few here)


  • June 2004 - Main Facilitator 2 day "logframe" or logical framework in Guyana for the Feasibility study: the future of the ICT regulatory and institutional framework and establishment and development of the Information Society in the Caribbean". ICT expert and Team Leader - for the European Commision. rproject

(missing some here)


  • January / Enero, Workshop instructor 27-30 2002: Taller del proyecto "Pensar el uso de la Internet en la educaicación formal y no formal en America LAtina y el Caribe" - Ocaña, Colombia.
  • November 26-29, 2001: Participant. Sustainable Tourism Stewardship Council workshop  in Belize city. Belize.
  • 28 de Mayo al 02 de Junio 2001:  Participant. IV Taller sobre Tecnologia de Redes Internet para America  Latina y  el  Caribe Taller 5  Internet y Sociedad, Merida, Venezuela.
  • February 2001: Main Instructor Workshop: Information Technologies, Alternative Comunications, Community Radios and Rural Development, with SAKS, Port au Prince Haiti.
  • November 17-19, 2000 Participant Ecotourism & Sustainable Tourism Certification Workshop, , sponsored by the Institute for Policy  Studies, with the support of the Ford Foundation, Mohonk Mountain Center, New York USA
  • August 25 - 27, 2000 Participant Caribbean and Western Atlantic Association of Marine & Aquatic Educators Workshop & Conference, Cayman Brac Island.
  • March 16-18, 2000 Latin American Studies Association conference, LASA 2000  in Miami  USA . Panel  Tourism, Communities And  Environments In Latin America And The Caribbean (note: my paper was accepted but could not attend due to lack of financial support) 
  • November 30th December 3rd 1999: Participant Workshop"Constructing a National Agenda for Ecotourism in Dominican Republic"  with C.A.D. (Consorcio Ambiental Dominicano) and  Rare - Center for Tropical Conservation - Jarabacoa Dominican Republic.
  • Sept. 31 -October 1 1999. Participant Reunion Latinoamericana y Caribeña, Red de Telecentros, Far Hills, Quebec 
  • September 28 - October 1, 1999 Participant Working Session on Telecentre Evaluation: A Global Perspective, PAN Networking Program, IDRC/CRDI in Far Hills, Quebec 
  • June 27 1999: Workshop with community environmental associations on ecotourism and the Kiskeya Alternativa project, Sabana de la Mar, Dominican Republic 
  • July 1998:Participant   WALC 98 Internet summit, Latin American and Caribbean Networks   - Meeting,  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 


Note: other workshops and traning that I facilitated prior
to this date are not listed here

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