Towards a delimitation of the Telecentre Space 
object of the TELELAC project

Request for comments (Yacine Khelladi, Papallacta, Ecuador 27-3-00)

version en espanhol

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V1- 27-3-2000

At the first day of the TELELAC project operative workshop, ( for which I volunteer in the advisory committee), the issues of "what is a telecenter? "what differs from a cybercafe to a telecenter?", "is my telephone service center with internet connexion a telecenter?" were raised again.

Those questionings are also recurrent in the different forums  as <> and IDRC's  "Open Forum on Telecentres and Development" <>

That same day I had the idea of  proposing a model to delimitate the Telecenter Space object of the TELELAC project, and which schematic draft I present it hereafter to receive your comments, critics, and help.

This space (virtual?) has 3 dimensions:


Game: try to locate in this tridimensional space the TC you know about, lets see, tell me what happen ?

or send me an email:

Note: the cloud is approximate and sometime  might not be possible to places a TC in it with 3 variables

©  Yacine Khelladi 2000